5 Basic Knowledge of Car Maintenance

To maximize the service life and improve its performance of your car, certain parts of the vehicle should be inspected regularly. By maintaining and regularly servicing your vehicle, it’ll be more reliable, safer to drive…

  1. Afraid of being dirty

If the parts such as fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filter screens are too dirty, the filtering effect will be deteriorated. With excessive impurities entering the cylinder of the oil circuit, it will aggravate the wear of parts, thereby increasing the possibility of failure.

  1. Afraid of heat

① The temperature of the engine piston is too high, which can easily lead to overheating and cylinder explosion.

②  Rubber seals, triangle tapes and tires are overheated, which are prone to premature aging, performance degradation and shortened service life.

③ The coils of starters, generators, regulators and other electrical equipment are overheated and are easily burned and scrapped.

  1. Pay attention to paired assembly

The main and subordinate moving gear in the drive axle main reducer, hydraulic control valve block and stem and spool and valve sleeve in full hydraulic steering gear, these mating pieces are specially processed during manufacturing and are ground in pairs. The mating is very precise. Therefore, it must be used in pairs and must not be interchangeable during the life of use.

  1. Afraid of “lack” small accessories

In the maintenance of vehicles, some small pieces may be missed due to negligence, and some people even think that it does not matter whether they are installed or not. This is very dangerous and harmful.

①  Engine air lock plates should be installed in pairs. If they are not installed, the valve will lose control and damage the pistons.

② The cotter pins mounted of the engine connecting rod bolt and flywheel bolt are missed, and it may cause serious failures in use.

  1. Afraid of washing

① For the paper air filter element of the engine, when cleaning the dust on it, you can not use any oil to clean. Just pat with your hands, and the high-pressure air from the filter element inside and out can be blown.

② For leather parts, just wipe them with a clean cloth.

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