5 Essential Motorcycle Modifications

Chatting with riders, I found that many people like to spend a lot of money to change their motorcycles. It seems that you can’t ride a motorcycle that doesn’t change. As long as you install all expensive things like exhaust, power commander and Brembo brakes, you will become much faster than others.

But is this really the case? How useful are the modified parts?

Every sports motorcycle, no matter it is 600cc or 1000cc, is the top performance of the factory. The original motorcycle is good enough, and the original factory’s tuning is in a very balanced state.

In many cases, a large number of modifications can only make the motorcycle look good (perhaps just good-looking in your eyes) and can’t improve the performance much! The few horsepower added by the expensive full exhaust does not necessarily make you faster (the Ducati motorcycle series does not count in order to reduce the unbearable exhaust heat, which is a practical modification), and better Brembo brakes are also It does not mean that your braking skills have improved.

Here is five essential motorcycle modification:

1 Brake pads

The wear of the brake pads will greatly cause the loss of braking force, and the impact is even greater than replacing a better caliper. Generally, the brake pads should be replaced when the thickness of the brake pads is nearly 2 mm.

Motorcycle brake pads

If you don’t know which brake pads are better to replace, just buy the original brake pads. Every manufacturer has invested a lot of energy and money in the research and development of its own sports motorcycle brake pad material, and you can’t go wrong how to buy it.

2 Tires

How would you describe tires? Round, black, the only thing that prevents the hub from touching the ground? In fact, tires are the only link that determines whether you can reach the hurricane when you drive a sports motorcycle. The energy of motorcycle and tire manufacturers in studying how tires touch the ground is beyond your imagination.

  1. Racing tires are not always good: racing tires are designed to provide maximum grip for a very specific time. In more detail, as long as the speed of the track, these tires can reach the required working temperature and provide strong grip. If the temperature is lower than required, the grip of these tires is scarily low.
  • Tire manufacturers will even customize different street tires for different situations. If you just use a motorcycle to travel and occasionally run the mountain on weekends, the original tires are sufficient. If you are the kind of knight who often runs mountains or racetracks. Higher grade sports tires can meet your requirements. Take Pirelli tires for example: Pirelli Diablo tires are suitable for riders who ride on the track 30% of the time and ride on the street 70% of the time; Pirelli Diablo Corsa is suitable for riders who ride on the track 70% of the time and spend 30% of the time on the street.

3 Fuel tank stickers

There is no doubt that this is something that every new motorcycle must install, which can effectively prevent your belt buckle and the hard parts of your pants from scratching the fuel tank and affecting the appearance. The price is also quite cheap, and the American high-end is only about 30 dollars.

4 Non-slip stickers on the side of the fuel tank

Increase the friction between the legs and the fuel tank during sudden braking or sudden acceleration to prevent unnecessary sliding of the body, thereby greatly increasing the control ability of the motorcycle. The price of a good product in the United States is around $50.

5 Pickup ball on rear wheel

If you want to play the motorcycle for a long time, you will always need to raise the rear wheel, even if it is just to clean the chain.

5 modifications you can do later:

1 Double-layer windshield

The double-layer windshield provides better wind resistance protection than the original windshield, making high-speed riding more comfortable, plus a very sexy appearance and inexpensive price

2 Exhaust system

It has always been the best modification to increase power, improve appearance, and improve vehicle sound. Mainly divided into two categories: full exhaust and tail exhaust. The entire exhaust system is modified from the original exhaust system. Many high-end exhaust systems are made of titanium alloy, which can greatly reduce the weight compared to the original exhaust system. Some exhausts use different pipe designs to increase the low rotation, and the intermediate rotation torque also increases the high rotation force. In fact, most of the exhaust only provides a small amount of high rotational force increase, the main purpose is to smooth the entire power curve, provide more mid-speed performance and more abundant low-mid rotational force output.

There are also disadvantages to using full exhaust. Full modification requires the removal of the servo control valve. Some manufacturers use this to increase the low turning force of the vehicle. It is relatively simple to install the full exhaust, but it is still necessary to remove the motorcycle shell.

The tail exhaust is only modified with a muffler, which has the effect of improving the appearance and reducing the weight. Because it is mixed with the original part of the exhaust, it hardly improves the power.

3 Power commander

By installing a power commander, or a similar device that can change the settings of the original fuel injection system, the rider can adjust the vehicle’s low, medium, and high-performance output by himself, and your motorcycle is in control. But most riders will not adjust themselves, some of the devices will come with them, or you can download other riders’ already designed settings from the Internet and install them on their own vehicles.

4 Air filter

It is also something that must be changed to modify the exhaust. Of course, even if the exhaust is not modified, the original air filter should be replaced regularly.

5 Calipers and brake discs

Some people may say that I have forgotten one thing that everyone would choose to modify: anti-drop glue.

There have always been two views on anti-fall glue. One thinks that the anti-fall glue can effectively prevent the motorcycle shell and frame from being scratched after the vehicle falls sideways or falls at low speed. Regardless of whether the motorcycle shell is plastic, it is not cheap to buy one after one. The other is that the anti-fall rubber does not provide much protection to the motorcycle shell when the motorcycle is crashed in other ways except when it is falling on its side. If the speed is too fast, the anti-fall rubber will break, which will cause more damage to the motorcycle shell and even the frame.

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