5 Tips When Driving in a Rainy Day

The car becomes a necessity in our daily life and we drive them to anywhere we want. Accidents may occur more frequently when driving in bad weather, like raining. Therefore, we need to pay more attention and be more careful while we are driving a vehicle in the rain.

Here are 5 notes for driving in the rain.

Note 1:

Slow down and drive slowly. Slick streets mean less traction and reduced braking ability. Driving more slowly means more safety.

Note 2:

Use the windshield wiper. The main function for the windshield wiper is to clear moisture and dirt from the glass in any weather, so just use it even if it is in light rain.

Note 3:

Avoid sudden braking, since it will cause you to lose traction and hydroplane.

Note 4:

Leave more room for your car and the car in front of you, double or triple the amount than usual. Since the brake system may respond more slowly in wet conditions, it will be safer to keep more distance from the car next to you.

Note 5:

The car window will be more likely to fog up when it is raining. You can use the ventilation system to reduce the moisture level.

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