Four Big Off-road “Toys”

Off-road is a way of life. The pressure of work and life allows us to be released on the off-road. And people who like off-road to have a childlike innocence that is not enough to play. As long as it is the vehicle that can drive over bumpy roads, you will not refuse. The raised gravel and the twisted body posture are the most beautiful pictures in the hearts of off-road enthusiasts, which also makes it extremely ornamental.

Today we found four different types of off-road vehicles, each of which also has its own unique driving pleasure. Through the following comparison test drive, find the one that suits you best.

  1. Yamaha YZ450F   Rider: Howard Fox

Professional off-road motorcycles are known for their lightweight body and strong power. The off-road motorcycle participating in the filming today is the Yamaha YZ450F, which has a displacement of 449 ml and weighs only 112 kg. The power can only be described as violence. The seat height of nearly 1 meter is indeed a bit difficult for people who are less than 180 cm tall. Since the starting method of the car is a recoil pedal, even the most basic vehicle starting is the same for short riders. After a day of test drive observation, YZ450F is handy on sand and gravel roads and some relatively narrow forest roads crossing, and it beats cars in maneuverability.

  1. CFMOTO CFORCE 800 (X8)   Rider: Priscilla Johnson

When some readers see this car, they will remember that they have also ridden in a certain scenic spot. In fact, it is completely different from the kind of entertainment-focused models that even the brand can’t even explain. X8 represents the highest level of domestic ATV manufacturing and embodies the core technology of power. It has high off-road mobility, four-wheel independent suspension, powerful high and low speed four-wheel drive system and nitrogen-assisted shock absorbers, which can take you to conquer various complex road conditions. The CVT continuously variable transmission provides a convenient driving method, which is the same as the gear-shifting method of an automatic transmission car. If you accidentally get into the car, the winch equipped with the original factory can make the car easily out of trouble. This is an off-road weapon that is closer to nature than off-road vehicles.

  1. Toyota FJ Cruiser    Rider: Joan Ruiz

In the car camp, the hard-core off-road vehicle is the most capable of field passing. They are not the SUVs we often say, but the ultimate off-road weapon like Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Land Rover Defender. It was Toyota’s FJ Cruiser who came to the scene on behalf of off-road vehicles. Compared with Prado and Land Cruiser, although it sacrifices a certain amount of rear space, it is one of the most emphasized off-road capabilities in the Cruiser family. It is not only the most off-road capable Toyota model, but also Japanese hard-core off-road representative of the car model.

  • Ford F-150 Raptor    Rider: Astrid Nicholls

When you mention the name Raptor, you know that it is not a “good boy”. Indeed, the Raptor comes from the Ford F150 platform, but it has been modified for off-road performance in terms of suspension. Its relationship with the F150 is more like that of Mercedes-Benz and AMG. But in the final analysis, it is an out-and-out pickup truck. With the improvement of living standards, pickup trucks have shifted from commercial use to entertainment. The Raptor has become a big toy of the new era by virtue of its powerful drag and loading capacity and unique off-road performance. When traveling, a two-wheeled motorcycle can be placed in the cargo compartment, and it can be dragged onto an RV, ATV, or motorboat for an outing. How can such a comfortable lifestyle not be enviable?

YZ450F is full of power and easy to raise its head. Without some professional off-road motorcycle driving experience, it is difficult to ride it. This is why we invited special test rider,  Howard Fox. Powerful power is continuously produced from here. The actual displacement of the single-cylinder water-cooled DOHC 4-valve engine is 449.7ml. With its 111kg weight, it makes it drive like a mania. Motorcycles and ATVs, with their lighter weight and flexible body, can fly freely over soil slopes.

X8 is the ATV model with the largest displacement. It adopts an electric injection water-cooled 8-valve V-shaped twin-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 800 ml and can provide a maximum horsepower of 63 horsepower. Time-sharing four-wheel drive, low-speed four-wheel drive mode, non-load-bearing body, and integral rear axle suspension are all necessary for a hardcore off-road vehicle. Not only that, the V6 and V8 engines of the two cars are like 4-cylinder motorcycles. When you step on the accelerator deeply, the low roar of the engine is really fascinating.

Cross-country motorcycles can use their own tilt and control the throttle to complete the fast steering action. The flexible driving style is unmatched by cars and ATVs, and motorcycles do not have the problem of cross axles and trapping.

At the same time, large-particle off-road special tires are also essential. Because motorcycles only have rear-wheel drive, the driver’s front and rear center of gravity control is particularly important.

The tires of X8 are outstanding on this kind of dirt road. In the two-wheel drive mode, it can be invincible only by rear-wheel drive.

FJ is equipped with a mechanical central differential lock and a rear axle differential lock. Although it has one less front axle differential lock than the Wrangler Rubicon and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, it is more advanced than the A- TRAC electronic limited slip technology can simulate the effect of the front axle differential lock. Even if all three wheels slip, as long as one front wheel has adhesion, you can move forward.

In the high-speed four-wheel drive mode, X8 can pass the cross-axis section of the uphill at a slower speed. If a wheel loses its grip, you only need to press the body’s center of gravity to let it touch the ground again to gain grip. With the ground power, you can move on.

With X8 in N gear, the red button on the right side of the handlebar can be used to quickly switch between 2WD and 4WD by tightening the brake. As I am used to the rotary throttle, I really need to adapt to this kind of thumb push.

The hump-type soil slope is not suitable for raptors to pass, but if you don’t feel bad about your car, you can still rush past it. The Raptor’s tires are not special off-road tires. They also take care of part of the needs of road driving, but the strong power still cannot stop it from “scratching” the slope full of fine sand.

Although the ATV is more stable than a two-wheeled motorcycle, it still needs to constantly shift the center of gravity to keep the body stable when driving on bumpy roads.

Is the steering attitude of a two-wheeled cross-country motorcycle too handsome? The ability to shift the body’s center of gravity quickly and flexibly is partly due to the narrower seat of the off-road motorcycle. Although the comfort is not good, most of them still need to stand up when driving off-road.

In the two-wheel drive mode of the rear-wheel drive, X8 highlights its driving pleasure. After pushing the throttle deeply and turning the handlebar left and right, the strong power will cause the rear wheels to slip briefly. At this time, the left and right swing of the rear wheel will bring you great pleasure.

The four cars are equipped with adjustable nitrogen-assisted shock absorbers, and the travel distance is much longer than ordinary models, but motorcycles and ATVs are more suitable for fast passing through bumpy roads.

The towing hook is an important configuration in the rescue of off-road vehicles. Both cars are equipped with towing hooks that are easy to tow, and X8 is already equipped at the factory.

X8 is not only unscrupulous in the field, crossing is also its strong point, 12V power interface and 23-liter fuel tank can meet the needs of long-term driving.

The wide seat ensures sufficient comfort, and the rear-seat passengers are more comfortable. But if it is a radical driving style, the rear-seat passengers must hold on tightly, or they will be thrown out.

X8 has 5 gears. N, R, and P gears are common to us. H is high gear and L is low gear.

The four have outstanding off-road capabilities in their respective camps. If you have only tried one model, it would be a shame. If you don’t play with all four cars, how can you be called a true off-roader!

The flying dust and the roar of the engine can arouse our desire to conquer all kinds of complicated road conditions, and off-road vehicles can take you to overcome many difficulties to discover more beautiful scenery. If you are not immersive, the beautiful scenery cannot be experienced personally. Off-road is not only a way of life, it also contains many things. Pick a car you like when the spring is blooming and enjoy the thrill of conquering nature!

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