How to Protect Yourself during Crash

There goes a saying that if you play with fire, you will eventually get burned, which can also be applied to the riders who pursue the limit on the track. They are on the edge of the tire limit for a long time, and there will always be mistakes and crashes. However, what exactly should be done to reduce our injuries during crashes is something we must learn. Then, we will explain how to protect ourselves in the event of a crash.

Separation of body and motorbike

When you really happen to crash, the most important thing is how to reduce your own injury. The first thing is to find a way to separate body and motor. This is because of the relationship between the friction coefficient and the weight, and the ratio of your leather clothing. A locomotive has a higher coefficient of friction and the body is a lot lighter than a locomotive. Therefore, although you and the motorbike go at the same speed, your sliding distance will be much shorter than that of the locomotive, but the things mentioned above are based on the fact that you are really separated from the motorbike!

If you are pinched by the motorcycle during a crash, you can kick the car away with your other foot.

Sliding? scrolling?

The function of the one-piece leather jacket is mainly to protect the body from sliding on the ground in the event of a crash. The joint protector can only provide part of the cushioning capacity and slightly disperse its impact. That is to say, leather clothing can achieve the highest protection effect when sliding in a crash, and the protection against body impact is still insufficient. Therefore, after a crash, we should relax our body and let our body slide as long as possible.

When a car crashes, try to slide as long as possible.

However, in addition to the common low side, the high side is the most feared because people will be bounced by the motorbike and how to reduce the injury when landing has become the most important issue for the rider. When the high side occurs, the worst is to use the limbs to support the body on the ground. The impact force is very easy to cause fractures and other injuries. At this time, you should relax the body, open the limbs and rotate with the waist, and use the released limbs to cushion slightly. The impact of landing, and trying to use the back to the ground, can effectively reduce the injury.

After crash

After crash, the first thing you must do is to confirm whether you are on the track. When you are still on the track, it means that you are still in a dangerous place. At this time, you should immediately confirm the direction of the oncoming car from the rear and use the shortest distance to move outside the track and hide behind the tire wall. However, in smaller races, there may not be staff able to help you move the car. If the car is still on the track, remember to hide out of the track first, and confirm that the rear is safe, and then take the car out of the track to avoid affecting the race. If you want to return to the track, remember to check if there is a car behind to avoid another crash!

Get off the track as fast as you can.

It is inevitable that you will crash when you pursue the limit on the field. Remember to avoid supporting your body with your hands and feet, avoid rolling, and act as the mainstay. After skiing, stay away from the track quickly to minimize your own injuries. This is something every rider should learn.

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