Key Points of Motorcycle Modification

As the saying goes: “Playing with motorcycles is risky, modification needs to be cautious.” For every rider, modifying a motorcycle may be a way of expressing personality and showing oneself, and it is also a new operating table that gives it a new life. The motorcycle that comes out is too lacking in personalization. You can increase the “face value” to make it look different from other people’s motorcycles and increase the “energy” to drive the motorcycle at the speed you want.

In addition to superb technology and great patience, creating a brand-new motorcycle requires a dedication, just like a father treats his own children, putting all his efforts into it. Anyway, if you get a motorcycle, if you don’t change it, it’s your loss. Just like that sentence: At the beginning you said that playing motorcycles is good for your health and does not burn money. Now the whole family suspects that I am taking drugs! In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings of motorcycles during the modification process, I will share with you below, where can the motorcycle modification be modified, where cannot be modified, and how the modification will make the motorcycle faster.

The most necessary part of motorcycle modification

1. Modification of motorcycle guards

First of all, everyone knows that handguards can protect your hands from flying stones. This is really important in summer.

Secondly, the most important thing for hand guards is to protect your hands on the one hand, and on the other hand, to protect your brake handle and clutch handle from being easily broken off.

Finally, for the choice of hand guard, you must choose a metal rod support inside. The stronger the metal rod is of course the better. If you only install a plastic shell to prevent wind, it will basically not provide any protection. Back on the spot. It is possible to break this shell.

2. Double flashing alarm

For motorcycles with double flashing alarm, although many motorcycles already have this function, I would like to emphasize again that the double flashing alarm is really useful, whether you are parking on the roadside, riding on a rainy day, or simply riding at night, there is a double flashing alarm, which may save you countless lives without knowing it!

If your motorcycle does not have a double flashing alarm, install one quickly. In addition, it is best to put some reflective stickers on the rear and side of your motorcycle. It is also best to have reflective functions on the cycling clothes. This is the same as the double flash alarm. It is much safer to let others see you.

3. Install the rear side frame (for some riders)

Installing the rear side frame is not suitable for all motorcycles. For those in need, especially those who want to ride a long distance or ride a bike, the rear side frame is almost undoubtedly needed. After all, there are so many luggage, obviously not without the side box. But for commuters, the rear side frame seems not so useful. After all, riding a street bike is the most important thing to look good. It is too much to put on a side box!

The rear side frame can not only play the role of installing the side box, even if it is not used at ordinary times, it can also act as a bumper for the rear of the vehicle when it is reversed. You don’t want to damage the paint just because you reverse the vehicle in place? Wouldn’t it be unsightly? Moreover, even if you don’t like side cases, it is a good choice to fix the side bags with the rear side frame when riding a small long distance, especially for those motorcycles with high exhaust, the side frame can also make the luggage and exhaust At certain intervals, there are many instances where the exhaust air directly burns the luggage bag on fire. In short, safety first, this is always true! In addition, sometimes you need to be cautious when choosing a side box, because the wind resistance will increase after the side box is installed, and in some cases, it will increase insecurity.

4. Motorcycle bottom guard plate

Installing motorcycle bottom guards is not for all motorcycles. Except for rally motorcycles, few motorcycles will install bottom guards. This configuration seems to be a patent for rally or off-road motorcycles. However, even for street motorcycles, it is useful to install a bottom guard. After all, there are many places where the speed bumps are high, or accidental protrusions on the ground.

Don’t think that the engine oil pan is as solid as a rock. Many motorcycles leak and die if they leak. If you are out of luck, you can directly scrap the bottom of your engine. Install a bottom guard plate without affecting the appearance, so why not do it?

How to make the motorcycle faster

1. Change the exhaust pipe

Considering environmental issues, generally increase the amount of catalyst used, which will affect the exhaust performance and cause the exhaust to be unsmooth. If it is replaced with a straight exhaust pipe, the power can theoretically increase by 15%, which is a great improvement.

2. Change the carburetor

There are generally several ways to change the carburetor:

– Change to a larger carburetor

– Optimize the main metering hole of the existing carburetor (enlarge appropriately), optimize the main oil needle of the carburetor (re-grind the fuel supply curve), finally adjust the mixing ratio and change the air filter with a larger flow rate, so that the engine is basically OK , The engine can increase the power of 15-20% at least, but these improvements alone are not enough, and the transmission ratio must also be changed.

3. There are many ways to increase the compression ratio: the cylinder head can be welded, the pointed piston can be replaced, and the ultra-thin cylinder gasket can be replaced. Among them, replacing the ultra-thin cylinder head gasket is the safest, but the effect is also the worst. It is suitable for those without modification experience.

4. Polish the inlet

When the mixture enters the intake duct, a certain amount of combustible gas will adhere to the intake duct. When the intake duct is smooth, the fuel efficiency can be improved, thereby improving performance and reducing fuel consumption. Polishing the air inlet takes time and effort and requires patience!

Notes for Motorcycle Modification

1. To modify the carburetor, the intake manifold needs to be changed from a caliber above 24mm, and the intake manifold is not required to modify a carburetor with a 20mm or 22mm caliber.

2. Refitting the carburetor is not as big as possible. A very large carburetor may cause your air intake to be too large, which consumes fuel and affects performance. Refitting the carburetor, generally for JOG motorcycles, refitting 47MM, etc. (70cc) A 24MM carburetor is sufficient for the cylinder.

3. For refitting the carburetor, the intake manifold needs to be changed from the caliber above 24mm, and the intake manifold is not required for refitting the carburetor with 20mm or 22mm caliber.

4. Modification is not that the larger the displacement, the better, the heavier the spring, the lighter the bead, the better, what is needed is a balance, do not blindly pursue, do not blindly modify, modification is a bottomless pit, and how much money can be put into it, so Must be rationally modified.

5. The carburetor of the original motorcycle has an electronic damper, which will automatically open and close the damper, while the carburetor of a modified motorcycle does not have this equipment. Sometimes the cold motorcycle needs to be opened and closed manually.

6. Rear tires of 3.50-10 cannot be used on DIO motorcycles, but ZX can be installed, and Yamaha 50 engines can be perfectly installed regardless of generations.

7. The spring of 1000 mentioned in the spring on the transmission does not mean that it starts from 1000 revolutions, but that it is 1000 revolutions more than the original spring. Therefore, the original motorcycle must not blindly change the spring. Your motorcycle may not move.

8. Refitting the Puri disc does not mean that it will be effective if you change it. It depends on your motorcycle condition. Generally speaking, the focus of refitting the Puri disc is the tail section, and most of the Puri discs will lower you after use. The strength of the previous paragraph.

9. Don’t blindly change to inline exhaust. In short, inline exhaust is straight-through exhaust without back pressure. Don’t say that the exhaust of other motorcycles such as ZX-12R and R1 is also in-line. If you disassemble it, you will know that the exhaust is for sub-cabins, the more compartments, the stronger the low torque, while the high-speed will be worse. The same is true for our 2T sheep. If you disassemble the exhaust, you will know that it is divided into several compartments. Its purpose is to increase the back pressure and strengthen the low torsion force.

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