Kuberg Ranger Electric Motorcycle First Look

Part scooter, part dirt bike—Czech electric motorcycle maker Kuberg actually refers to its new Ranger model as a “fully electric crossbreed.” Kuberg launches the bike today on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

“We wanted to make something different—versatile, yet fun. A one-of-a-kind bike built from our nine years of technical experience,” Kuberg stated in a release. “A crossbreed between a super-powerful dirt bike, with a 14,000-watt motor (quite literally the fastest on the market), and a practical, nimble city scooter with zero knee obstruction and a low center of gravity.”

Kuberg founder and CEO Michal Kubanek said, “We wanted to create something that is multipurpose. You’ll want to ride it all the time, so why not make it practical?”

Powered by a single or double pack of 48V/24Ah lithium-ion batteries, the 14-kilowatt motor speeds riders up to 50 mph. Using the double-pack batteries, Kuberg estimates range up to 60 miles using the lowest of the motor’s three power modes—”or rip it hard for 75 minutes of full open throttle.” Charge time per battery pack is two hours.

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With all that power on tap, Kuberg says the Ranger “can handle any terrain, from rocky mountains to smooth city streets.”

Designed to be lightweight, the Ranger is built around a handmade steel frame, and the complete bike tips the scales at 110 pounds. The quiet-running brushless direct current motor and battery packs are also hand-assembled at Kuberg’s factory in the Czech Republic.

The Ranger boasts a new comfort feature for Kuberg: the Air Lift reclining seat, which allows the seat to be moved down toward the rear shock and out of the rider’s way. Speaking of shocks, the bike gets its rear suspension from a DNM Burner RCP-3 coilover unit, while a dual-crown Manitou Dorado Expert inverted fork with 180 millimeters of travel soaks up the bumps upfront.

The bike boasts a 50.4-inch wheelbase, with a footboard height of 10 inches and a handlebar height of 43.7 inches. The maximum carrying capacity is 220 pounds, and the Ranger can tow up to 66 pounds.

The Kuberg Ranger will be available in black or military green. For the Indiegogo launch, Kuberg is offering three packages and price levels:

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