Steps for How to Replace a Rear Windshield Window Wiper

Rear windshield wipers will be worn and no longer performing well after being used for a long time. Especially for the rear wiper blades, normally they may be dried out and worn unevenly. When it happens, maybe you need to change your rear window wipers.

Here are the instructions step by step for replacing a rear windshield wiper arm & blade. There may be a little difference for different applications.

Dis-assembly Steps:

1.Remember the position of the rear wiper so that you know where to place it when you put it back.

2. Remove the wiper plastic cover from the base of the wiper assembly, and then remove the nut by turning it counterclockwise.

3. Take the rear windshield back wiper off the window.

Installation Steps:

1. Joint the rear wiper arm with the cross-pillar, which is in the middle of the rear wiper blade.

2. Put in vertical direction. The rear wiper arm would be stuck in the blade.

3. Mount the rear wiper arm blade assembly back onto the back window to its original position.

4. Mount the nut on the rear wiper set by turning it clockwise.

5. Tighten the nut, but avoid over-tightening and cracking the window, and then put the wiper cover on.

Surely, replacing the rear windshield wiper isn’t for everyone and some vehicles make it more difficult than others. Maybe for many people, it’s more practical to have it done by some one professional.

Here is a video about how to replace a rear windshield back wiper kit:

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