Steps of Changing a Fuel Pump in a Gas Tank

If there isn’t any issue with the gas line, filter and electrical system, but your engine can’t get any gas with gas tank in full, you may need to replace the fuel pump.

Here are the steps of replacing a fuel pump in a gas tank for a vehicle with a carburetor engine.

1.First, you need to be very careful when working around gasoline. Keep the working area ventilated, and keep the potential fire such as cigarettes far away from electrical equipment. Get a fire extinguisher, safety goggles and gloves, and approved gasoline containers in hand.

2.Disconnect the negative battery cable.

3.Check if the fuel line from the gas tank is cracked or not and replace it if needed.

4.Release the gas tank pressure as shown in the car’s service manual.

5.Loosen the clamp attaching to the fuel tank hose and the vapor return hose and disconnect the hose from the fuel pump.

6.Use a dowel or bolt to plug up the end of the disconnected hose.

7.Use a wrench to grasp the fuel pump fitting firmly, and at the same time use another wrench to unscrew the nut, so as to disconnect the fuel outlet line attaching to the carburetor.

8.Unscrew the two fastening bolts and throw the old fuel pump away.

9.Clean all the sealant left in the mounting flange.

10.Use sealer to coat both two sides of the new gasket.

11.Plug the fastening bolts in the new pump and put the gasket in.

12.Replace the new fuel pump.

13.Connect the fuel outlet line to the new fuel pump.

14.Tighten the clamp firmly on the fuel tank hose and on the vapor return hose.

15.Reconnect the negative battery cable.

16.Start the engine and check if the fuel pump is leaky.

On some models, replacing the fuel pump is a matter of removing a seat; in others, you need to raise the car and drop the fuel tank to access the module with the pump. If you are still not sure how to replace a fuel pump, maybe you can simply ask a professional technician to help you change the faulty fuel pump.

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