Symptoms of a Faulty Ignition Switch

An ignition switch, also called a starter switch or a start switch, normally located on the steering column, behind the ignition lock cylinder, is a switch which plays a really important role in the control system. It is an important electronic component to activate the main electrical systems, which can be commonly found on many road going cars and trucks.

As an ignition switch is very important for a car and is frequently used, it will wear out sooner or later. Bad ignition switches may usually display a variety of symptoms, and some symptoms may worsen in a sudden without any further warning. The signs of a failing ignition switch can vary due to different types of ignition switches, but you can judge if it is faulty according to the symptoms appearing. Here are 3 symptoms for a bad ignition switch which can alert the driver.

1. The vehicle suddenly stalls when it is operating.

When there is something wrong the ignition switch, it may stop powering on the ignition and fuel systems, causing the the engine to stall.

2. The engine starts but then suddenly stalls.

If the ignition switch is faulty at the “on” part, which is the position to power on the fuel and ignition systems, it will cut off power to the fuel and ignition systems as soon as the key is withdrawn from the cranking position to the “on” position.

3. The engine is unable to start.

An engine failing to start may be due to a bad ignition switch, since the ignition switch delivers power to the starter, engine and ignition controls.

Ignition switches play an really important role for a vehicle and are frequently used. There are only parts of the symptoms for a faulty ignition switch mentioned-above. If you are not sure if the engine issue is caused by your ignition switch, you’d better ask a professional technician to help you.

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