The Safety and Importance of Brakes

As we all know, counterfeit brakes can cause both safety and performance issues. Counterfeiters research original manufacturers’ brake systems and components, innovate and produce their products, and thus influence their brand and reputation. It’s nasty !

There are two cases of brake safety and performance.

BMW Motorcycle will be recalled due to brake failure.

BMW has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it will recall some motorcycles for 2019 and 2020. The program will be implemented on Oct.6, 2020.

Why should they recall the motorcycle?

According to NHTSA Safety Recall Report 20V-476, “The inner seal and the seal groove do not fit perfectly to each other, which could cause the slight leakage. Due to the slow loss of brake fluid, the brake performance could be impaired, resulting in an increased risk of accidents. However, a spontaneous loss of brake pressure is not to be expected.”

A MotoGP rider was forced to jump at 140mph

Maverick Viñales, a MotoGP rider on the Styrian Grand Prix, his brakes on the Spaniard’s Yamaha M1 completely failed in turn 1 of lap 17, forcing him to jump off his motorcycle at 140mph before he hit the barrier.

“From the fourth lap I noticed that I was running out of brakes, I was taking precautions not to take anyone out ahead and suddenly, at Turn 1, the brake exploded. I couldn’t do anything and that’s why I threw myself off. It’s something that had never happened to me. I hope they get it all sorted soon. I cannot think of anything more scary as a rider.”Viñales said.

As a result of the race, Viñales slipped and fell on the side of the racetrack, and his bike caught fire after hitting an obstacle. The red flag was waved and race was halted immediately.

Combined with the above cases, I have sorted out some reliable motorcycle products..

7/8″ 1” 25mm Hydraulic Brake & Clutch – 1 Pair

7/8″ Left Front Brake Master Cylinder For Polaris

7/8″ Right Front Master Cylinder For Honda

Front Brake Caliper For Kawasaki KLF

Rear Brake Caliper With Pads for Polaris Sportsman

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