Top 10 Fastest Off-road Motorcycles in the World

For people who like motorcycles, there are some who are keen on forest adventures and are addicted to two-stroke cross-country motorcycles, but this kind of two-stroke motorcycles are not meant to be controlled by anyone. They are full of violent factors. You have followed major events, so you have definitely seen them. Let’s take a look.

TOP10: Suzuki DR-Z400SM

This is a pure motorcycle, simple, original, without extra parts and decorations. It was born for running and fun. Since its inception, it has become a favorite of many people. This is a motorcycle with off-road capability. Today, it seems that the matching of the power system and the frame of this motorcycle has reached the best condition. The most interesting thing is having fun in the corners. The steering is large, and the body is light. The speed of cornering can also be very fast, and it can be shown in many bends on mountain roads and shorter tracks. Experienced players can also play slide stunts. I can only describe this motorcycle as a classic once. The top speed of the motorcycle can reach 94 miles per hour.

TOP9: Honda xr650L

This motorcycle almost has the quality and damping level of an off-road vehicle. It is basically the same as an off-road vehicle. The engine of this motorcycle is very durable. There is no need to worry about mechanical failure. I have seen a lot in Xinjiang, Tibet and other places. This kind of motorcycle, the road conditions in these places are no problem, then the road conditions in other places are even more no problem. The top speed of this motorcycle can reach 98 mph.

TOP8: Kawasaki KLR650

This is a long-distance rally motorcycle, tailored for long-distance running, comfortable, safe and reliable, with a top speed of 98 mph.

TOP7: Husqvarna FE501S

In fact, friends who pay attention should think that this series of motorcycle s are roughly the same in design, all in pursuit of greater horsepower and torque, and the top speed of this motorcycle can reach 101.5 mph.

TOP6: MuZ Baghira

This motorcycle can reach a speed of 102 mph.

TOP5: BMW G650 XChallenge

This motorcycle used to have a single-cylinder configuration. After being relaunched, it is all double cylinder. The body is light, and the handling performance is also very eye-catching. It is also a very popular motorcycle in the BMW series, with a top speed of 104 mph. hour.

TOP4: ATK Intimidator

This motorcycle comes from a motorcycle company in the U.S., and its production and holdings are very small. It is rare to see this brand in China, and there is very little information in China. There is very little information on a few domestic websites. Not much, this motorcycle can reach a top speed of 110 mph.

TOP3: Beta 450RS

This motorcycle is also the same as the previous ones. It is also from a foreign brand. There are only some simple parameters on the domestic motorcycle consultation website. There is no more information. From the parameters, the performance of the motorcycle is still good. The top speed can also reach 110.9 miles per hour.

TOP2: Aprilia RXV5.5

This motorcycle is equipped with a V-type two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, five-speed chain transmission, and a top speed of 113 mph.


This is the fastest cross-country motorcycle. The new model has upgraded some parts and reduced the weight a lot. The paint is the same as the race model driven by Ryan Dungey. The seat, subframe and bellows are all Similarly, the original exhaust has also been replaced with a titanium alloy tail section, which reduces the importance of the motorcycle by 0.45KG, and the top speed can reach 123 mph.

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