Warning Signs of a Failing Fuel Pump

A fuel pump’s main job is to transfer fuel from the gas tank to the engine. It works with other auto parts to make sure the engine to work well.

There are two types of fuel pumps: mechanical pumps and electronic pumps. Mechanical pumps are normally in older cars and in cars using carburetors. While electronic pumps are usually used with fuel injection systems and normally found in newer cars. Although mechanical and electrical pumps are different, when getting faulty, the signs are almost the same.

What are the symptoms when a fuel pump becomes failing? Here we list several warning signs of a faulty fuel pump. You can take action when the following things happen.

1. Engine Sputtering When Driving at a High a Speed

If your engine starts sputtering when driving at a high speed, it may indicate that there is something wrong with the fuel pump.

2. Increased Engine Temperature

If the fuel pump is unable to deliver the required amount of fuel, the engine might be overheating, which would cause an irregular rise in temperature.

3. Decreased Gas Mileage

There is a relief valve in the fuel pump used to control the amount of fuel going into the engine. If the relief valve does not open at the right time, more fuel than needed will deliver to the engine. As a result, your vehicle fuel tank needs to be refilled more times due to low mileage issues.

4. Sudden Surging When Driving at a Normal Speed

A faulty fuel pump may cause your vehicle to surge suddenly, since when the fuel pump gets failing, the fuel pump motor will resist the continuous require for fuel supply by the engine, and then sudden surge occurs.

5. Fuel Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge indicates how much fuel is being supplied to the engine. Each vehicle has a certain amount of fuel supplied to the engine continuously to ensure it to work properly. If the fuel pressure gauge shows less fuel than what’s required, your fuel pump must be repaired at once.

Each component of your vehicle has its own function, and all they work together making your vehicle work well. There are only parts of the symptoms for a faulty fuel pump mentioned-above. If you are not sure if the engine issue is caused by your ignition coil, you’d better ask someone professional to help you.

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