Why Does My Car Make a Noise When I Turn My Steering Wheel?

When your vehicle in normal working condition, you shouldn’t hear any noises when turning on the road. If you start to hear clunking, popping, creaking, squealing or screeching noises, that means you should check the steering shaft.

What is the function of steering shaft?

The function of the intermediate steering shaft is to keep the steering gearbox and steering wheel connected. It enables your car to turn and move accurately and smoothly.

Below are 4 of the most common symptoms of a bad intermediate steering shaft.

How do I know if my steering shaft is bad?

  1. Strange sounds

When the intermediate steering shaft starts to deteriorate, one of the first symptoms that you will notice is strange popping or clunking sounds coming from the steering wheel each time they turn it.

  1. Turning difficulty

A more serious symptom of a damage to the intermediate steering shaft is difficulty in turning. Therefore, you will be forced to put more strength into turning the wheel, which will slow down your reaction time as a driver and may cause an accident.

  1. Premature shaft bearing wear

Each intermediate steering shaft has a group of needle bearings. These bearings have greased stored in them which is sealed off. The grease can make bearings have a longer service life without maintenance. However, as the intermediate steering shaft begins to deteriorate, corrosion will form on the outside after the grease inside dries out.

  1. Steering wheel does not go back to middle

When you turn the steering wheel in a vehicle with power steering, the wheel usually goes back to the center afterward. This is considered to be a safety feature in every power steering system.

The steering shaft assembly is the core part of the steering system, and its performance is directly related to traffic and personal safety. If you notice any of the above symptoms, please diagnose and repair it before the problem becomes worse or could cause an accident.

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