Wiper Maintenance – Is a Rear Wiper a Necessity for a Car?

The first rear window windshield wiper appeared on the 1941 Pontiac, but then it was interrupted by World War II. 25 years later, it appeared again in America on the sloped rear window of the iconic Porsche 911.

It seems that the back windshield wiper do the same thing as the front wipers do – clearing the glass, but actually when it is raining, we often use the front one. Every back window wiper contains a washer, so the back glass can be cleaned by using the wiper and washer together to take off the dust, mud and grime. Have you ever driven a hatchback, station wagon or SUV in snowstorm or on a dirt road? If yes, you may know how useful a rear windshield wiper arm with blade set is.

But some hatchbacks have a rear window wiper but sedans don’t. It is because sedans, or saloons are far more aerodynamic than hatchbacks. Normally, the drag a car suffers from wind resistance isn’t from the front, but from the back. When we are driving, the air in front of the car is compressed then flows up over, and around the sides.

Next time, when you follow a car which is at high speed in the rain, you may look at the dirt filled turbulent air behind it. A sedan’s will be just below the trunk lid’s top rear edge, but the hatchback’s will be the entire rear of the car from the rear of the roof down.

In a word, a rear windshield wiper blade & arm is not necessary for all vehicles. Certain vehicles need rear wipers due to the lack of air flow on the rear windshield. Air flow lacking may cause water spots, dirt, and debris to build up, so a rear wiper is needed to to get rid of them.

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